Sabtu, 24 November 2012

random day

Good evening everybody!
I just wanna share about my story for today. That was a random moment when I think about the past, from the time I woke up in the morning until this night. Why?

Yesterday, I remembered that I've to take a final test in LIA for today. It started from 11 am until 3 pm. I didn't prepare anything yet, so I've just prepared for the test after I finished my breakfast. Then, my cellphone was ringing, there was a message from my friend, Ka Hera. She questioned me about my confirmation to join management trip to Taman Safari. It was free because we have extra money from the events that we held in some months. I forgot to reply her message few days ago. I was so lucky, but it also make me so confuse. I didn't know what I've to choose, join with them or take a final test. I have some plans today, like briefing for Malam Puncak FAC, then see some travel agents' presentation, help my friends to decorate Korfat, dating with Kevin, and doing some tasks. I always remember about the deadline. It make me like I'm dying ._. I dont know the reason why, that can make me take a random decision : I join management trip to Taman Safari. Maybe I think I can take a final test next week on make up test and I can finish all of my tasks in the night, take a permissions from my Kadiv, Yuga, anything that can make me go to Taman Safari. I really want to go there.

Suddenly, when we just arrived to Taman safari, the hot day changes to be rainy day. That was so cold there. I just brought an umbrella in my bag. I really enjoy this trip, because I can see clearly wild animal from many countries, watch some performances, take some photos with them, and anything that I haven't did before. At least, I really happy today. My clothes were wet at all, and do you know? It was make me feel colder than before. Brrr... Extremely cold -- sampe gw bisa bikin uap yang keluar dari mulut (ceritanya kaya di luar negeri, lagi musim dingin).

I need jacket, hot water, something like that for making my body's temperature warm. I left from Taman Safari at 7 pm and arrived at home at 9 pm. I canceled my appointment to meet Kevin, hiks. But I've to meet him tomorrom. That's a must, hehe I miss him and I haven't saw him for a long time. We're getting long distance relationship since he continued his study 3 months ago.

I just wanna say thanks for this random day, to my Director Dicky Pradipta, Ka Hera, Yudha, Rahmi, Machrus, Maul, Dirgha, Putri, Tuty, Annisa, Fika, and all of Leadership and Entrepreneurship School's crews, the minister of PSDM BEM KM Ka Budi, and his secretary Ka Riska. I learned many things from you, all :)

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